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Bookkeeping and Data Analysis for Investors & Homeowners

With several rental properties under my belt, I know that there are a lot of expected and unexpected costs that go into owning a home and/or rental property. Don't let any of them go by unknown over the years.

With my exclusive Real Estate Bookkeeper, you will have a Balance Sheet, Income Statement, Cash Flow Summary and Equity Summary that tracks every penny of inflow and outflow per property. Detailed, real-time reports that allow you to analyze your investments and easily file taxes. This is the same accounting system we use for my real estate business! This powerful service turns you from real estate investor to business owner.

  • Perfect for Airbnb/VRBO owners & real estate investors with cash-flowing properties

  • Customized bookkeeping system per property

  • Balance Sheet & Income Statements per property

  • Cash flow & Equity tracking

  • Trend analysis & forecasting

  • Customized metrics & analysis

  • Routine updates & maintenance

  • Perfect for tax time; seamless filing

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Investment Property Analysis Template

Knowing your numbers begins way before you purchase your rental property. My full-scope template gives you an easy way to analyze all the numbers during your decision making & research process.

This powerful financial analysis template allows you to analyze a potential real estate investment property in just minutes! You enter values for basic variables such as projected monthly rent, purchase price, interest rate, closing costs, renovation costs, projected monthly utilities, etc. From there, the spreadsheet returns six detailed reports showing the full financial projections over a 30 year period.

  • Easily analyze 30 years worth of cash flow and equity analysis!

  • Scenario based analysis; change different metrics to see the long term effects of worst case scenarios

  • Customized reports to give you exactly what you need for proper due diligence and peace of mind.

  • Easily distribute reports to potential investors/partners

  • Report 1: The Basics - Monthly/Annual Cash Flow + ROI on Equity & Cash

  • Report 2: Break-Even Analysis

  • Report 3: Partnership Balance Sheet + Home Equity + Cash Flow

  • Report 4:  Net Income + Net Cash Flow

  • Report 5: Property Taxes + Maintenance/Repair Fund

  • Report 6: Summary Graphs

How to Become an Airbnb Superhost

Not only did my real estate business survive the global pandemic, we thrived through it and became Airbnb Superhosts and VRBO Premier Host. We now have two successful full-time short-term vacation rentals. Through my one-on-one calls, I have helped dozens of people start their short term hosting journeys. I provide the tips and tricks that I have learned through experience.

  • Flexible & affordable; pay per call

  • Convenient scheduling & easy booking

  • Learn how to get started on Airbnb & VRBO

  • Tips for profile and pictures

  • Operational guidance

  • What has helped and hurt us on our journey

  • Ways to get five star reviews and avoid bad reviews

  • Tips and tricks to improve profit margin

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