Personal Finance Accounting &

Bookkeeping Crash Course


I genuinely love accounting. I love the science behind it and I love that it impacts each and every one of us (whether you know it or not). We are all connected through accounting and the more you can understand about the science of money, the better off your life will be. Sadly though, many never receive the proper education when it comes to important financial topics like Net Worth growth, the Balance Sheet, debt and interest, investments, mortgage loans, student loans, etc. Fortunately for you, I did receive such an education from a top American university and I want to share the knowledge with you!


I have been a professional accountant for almost a decade; both in the corporate environment and as a freelancer for individuals and small businesses. Believe it or not, big business accounting principles work just the same for personal finance. I guarantee that your entire financial mindset and status will change if you think like an accountant. I created this course with that very intention; to teach you how to think like an accountant.

When you finish this course, you will know:

  • how double-entry accounting works

  • how bookkeepers maintain the books

  • how to calculate your Net Worth

  • Net Worth changes based on different transactions and scenarios

  • examples of assets

  • the Net Worth power of appreciating assets

  • the purpose of a Balance Sheet

  • how to create your own Balance Sheet

  • the differences between the Balance Sheet and Income Statement (and purposes of each)

  • the importance of bookkeeping

  • mechanics of monthly debt payments: principal vs interest

  • how to calculate true cost basis for several years of home ownership

  • ROI opportunity cost analysis on owning a home vs renting

  • why a new car is a terrible investment

  • how to pay less interest on student loans and pay them off faster

  • how to pay no interest with credit cards

Each lesson builds on the last so it is important that you start at the beginning to get the most value:

Lesson 1: Intro to Accounting & Bookkeeping

Lesson 2: Key Terms

Lesson 3: Golden Rule of Accounting (Balance Sheet)

Lesson 4: Accounts

Lesson 5: Debits & Credits

Lesson 6: Asset Transfers

Lesson 7: Equity Debits & Credits

Lesson 8: Income Accounts

Lesson 9: Expense Accounts

Lesson 10: Auto Loans

Lesson 11: Mortgage Loans

Lesson 12: Student Loans & Credit Cards

Lesson 13: Accounts Receivable & Accounts Payable

Lesson 14: Income Statement vs Balance Sheet + Retained Earnings Account

Lesson 15: Applying the Knowledge


I truly hope this crash course helps! Please email me or book a call if you have any questions.


Adrian the Accountant