Personal Finance & Investing

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Coaching & Mentorship

Everything we do involves finances in one way or another. Couple that with the plethora of financial tools and strategies that exist in our digital age, and it can be confusing and intimidating for the average individual to effectively strategize. My coaching and mentoring sessions give you a chance to discuss your many options in depth with an experienced financial professional. Actionable plans that will help you maximize your net worth!

  • We can discuss whatever you like!

  • Flexible & affordable; pay per call

  • Convenient scheduling & easy booking

  • Planning and strategizing for your goals and milestones

  • Education on investment securities, economic principles & market fundamentals

  • Retirement & Investment consulting

  • Stock options education and consulting

  • Cryptocurrency education and consulting

  • Budgeting, tracking & analyzing expenses to decrease spending and increase savings!

  • Using credit cards to build credit, maximize cash flow and take advantage of reward points!


Credit Cards, Credit Score & Credit Repair

"If cash is king then credit is queen"
Understanding how credit and debt works is critical to maximizing your net worth. Or to at least avoid damaging spending behavior that leads to high interest payments, a debt cycle and/or bankruptcy.

With my hour long credit card course, you will learn all the technical details that you need to know to be a credit card master. Using easy to follow examples plus screenshots from my actual credit card statement, I teach you how interest is applied, how to avoid paying interest, how to read a statement and how to maximize your cash flow using credit cards!

Purchase the course and get 50% off a 30-minute call to discuss credit repair options and reward points!


Budgeting & Bookkeeping: "Your own personal accountant"

Continued bookkeeping and budgeting help to keep you on track of your financial goals! A full personal finance bookkeeping system that will give you insight and peace of mind. Whether your goals are long term like retirement planning or short term like purchasing a car, they start with a plan that relies on you knowing your numbers.

  • Monthly update sessions

  • Affordable & effective

  • Your own personal Balance Sheet and Income Statement

  • Real-time budgeting & bookkeeping

  • Regular consultations to keep you on track

  • Makes filing taxes seamless


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