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About me

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After graduating from Virginia Tech with a degree in accounting, I worked as the lead financial manager for a small business (with millions in revenue) for several years. In 2017 I began investing in stocks and cryptocurrencies, which started me down my net worth maximizing journey.


In early 2018 I started my first business, offering various residential services, as a side hustle to earn extra income and rely less on my employer. By the summer, I quit my job and was running my business full-time.


A year later I partnered on a real estate investing business; we own three properties and have done extensive renovations on each one. We are AirBnb superhosts with two successful full-time Airbnb rentals!


In 2020 I started my third business, providing financial services. I combined my passion for financial freedom with all of the financial knowledge I've gained over the years, to help people and small businesses with their own journeys.

I look forwarding to helping you!

Top Products & Services

Entrepreneur Starter Kit
The easiest way to break into ecommerce and affiliate selling. You are given a legal LLC in your name and a website to sell easily sourced products + continued bookkeeping, tax, marketing support along the way.

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Bookkeeping & Data Analysis for Small Businesses
You started your business but you track your numbers in a basic spreadsheet or you don't track them at all. Hire me to set up a proper accounting/bookkeeping system for you + regular updates and maintenance.

Image by Austin Distel

Template for Real Estate Analysis + Detailed Reports
Before you buy your first/next rental property, use my analysis template to produce easy-to-read reports displaying all the important metrics. Perfect to give to potential investors/partners.

Bookkeeping for Real Estate Investors
& Homeowners

Know your numbers: Equity Summary, Balance Sheet, Income Statement, Cash Flow Summary. In 5-10 years, you won't have to guess at how well your investment did; you'll know to the penny.

Image by Lukas Blazek
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One-on-one Coaching & Mentorship
Book a call to discuss whatever you like! Personalized assistance to help you strategize and plan your net worth journey.

Image by Hassan OUAJBIR

Understanding Credit Cards & Credit Score
Video lessons on everything you need to know about credit cards. How to: avoid paying interest, read monthly statements, maximize your cash flow, and build and/or repair your credit score.

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