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Troy J.

South Carolina

"I'm so glad I booked a call! I wanted to get invested but didn't know where to start. Hearing Adrian's testimonial & simple tips gave me the confidence to start investing in stocks and Bitcoin. I'm up a couple thousand $ already!"



"I now understand how credit cards work and won't be paying interest anymore. Thanks!"



San Diego, CA

"It's kind of hard to believe that I used to be scared of buying stocks and didn't even know how. My portfolio is at $20,000 now and I'm grateful for our phone calls."




"Options were so confusing to me and I kept losing money. Our call turned things around for me and I've been using some of the strategies you gave me."


Charles C.


"Thanks for the advice on Airbnb hosting! We plan on going live soon."



"I understand the blockchain and Bitcoin so well that I explain it to my friends now lol. I would still be lost if it wasn't for our calls, well worth the money spent."

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