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Bitcoin & Blockchain Explained

Video lessons teaching you about the blockchain, with easy-to-follow visuals & examples to truly help you understand!

Lesson 1: The Intro

Lesson 2: Key Terms

Lesson 3: Cryptography Explained

Lesson 4: Elliptic Curve Digital Signature Algorithm intro

Lesson 5: Elliptic Curve Multiplication

Lesson 6: Elliptic Curves, Private Keys and Public Keys

Lesson 7: Addresses and Hashing

Lesson 9: Intro to Digital Signatures

Lesson 8: Unspent Outputs

Lesson 10: Digital Signature
Generation & Verification

Lesson 11: Mining -
Merkle Root Hash & Nonce

Lesson 12: Mining -
Block Header & Proof of Work

Lesson 13: Mining -
Complete Summary & Coinbase Transaction

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