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My goal is to teach everybody as much a I possibly can on everything financially related that I know. I strongly believe that individuals can benefit greatly from applying basic accounting principles to personal finance. Sign up for the mailing list to stay in the know!

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About Me

"all I'm try'n to do, is hustle & educate"


I’m a full-time business owner, accountant, bookkeeper and investor so I teach my followers & clients how to apply key principles from each, to grow their net worths. From my accounting degree from a top University, to my years of experience running two service based businesses and a real estate investing business, I am constantly learning and applying ways to improve my net worth. 


My ultimate goal in life is to improve the world's financial literacy one person at a time. I teach people:

- how to increase their net worths

- how to think like an accountant and investor

- the value of budgeting, tracking & analyzing expenses

- how to lower expenses

- how stocks, funds and options works

- how Bitcoin works

- different ways to invest in real estate

- how to increase streams of income

- the science of credit cards & reward points

- how to maximize cash flow

- how to improve credit scores

- much more

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